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Data Destruction

As part of its Relocation services, XPO IT Moves is also able to include its renowned Data Destruction services which comply with the Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials BS EN 15713:2009 code of practice as part of our ISO 27001. With increasing legislation for data protection, it is essential that such information is destroyed safely and correctly. To ensure your confidential information doesn't get into the wrong hands, XPO IT Moves offer a hard drive shredding solution onsite and offsite for any sensitive information no longer needed. Hard Drive Shredding is crucial if your electronic devices contain highly sensitive data. 

Once the hard drive has been rendered unusable we can then safely dispose through the correct channels. We are also able to shred the following: CD's, DVD's, SSD's, FDD's and printed material. Every job issues the customer with a certificate of disposal and also one of destruction if any data has been destroyed, whilst there is a further option of a full asset report containing serial numbers.

Our Data Destruction Services Include:

• Onsite & Offsite Hard Drive Shredding 
• CESG Data Erasure & Degaussing 
• Hard Drive Crushing 
• Document Destruction


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