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Local Government

We have several years of dealing with the redundant IT equipment from Local Governments, Government Authorities and Government Departments, such as Trading Standards Offices.

We understand the importance of jobs such as these with sensitive information at hand, which is why security is always paramount. This is a major advantage of using XPO IT Moves as our professionalism and expertise will lead to customer peace of mind. We are able to deal with any needs that Local Governments may have, whether they be relating to collections of redundant kit, the relocation of equipment or data destruction.

We will destroy any sensitive data we receive, whether it be wiping, shredding or crushing the hard drives from PC's and Servers. We acknowledge and respect that certain standards have to be met and as a result, we can shred your hard drives to particles as small as 4mm, which meets the stringent requirements of most government departments around the world and complies with the Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials BS EN 15713:2009 code of practice as part of our ISO 27001.

All equipment is secure from collection to the delivery to our site for processing via our GPS tracked vehicles, whilst our staff are also CRB checked. Our client’s equipment is asset recorded, whilst our full documentation monitors the whole process throughout and is available for our clients upon completion of the job.

“XPO IT offers an efficient and flexible service for the District Council. Staff are always courteous and friendly and go about their work without causing any disruption to my working day.”

E-Business Admin Assistant, District Council

Product and Counterfeit Destruction

XPO IT Services have developed a successful relationship working with Trading Standards when it comes to the destruction of items that are unfit for resale.

Product destruction is vital when companies do not want their products reappearing in the marketplace. XPO IT Services can shred all types of product in their shredding plant, thus helping companies maintain product and brand integrity. Our product destruction process begins with the secure collection and transportation to the recycling plant where the items will be safely and securely destroyed. Certificates of Destruction are issued along with all of the relevant WEEE paperwork. Customers are able to view the shredding on site and for some products we are able to carry out this service at your site.

Examples of what we can destroy:

  • ID badges and passes
  • End of Life products
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Faulty Products e.g. Hoverboards/Swegways

“This authority recently identified a number of items which failed to comply with EU/UK safety legislation and we worked with XPO IT, who were contracted by the importer, in the removal and destruction of those items.  The representatives from XPO IT who attended site were very helpful as was Mark, Business Development Manager for the company.  Certificates of destruction for the goods were supplied promptly.  We were very happy with their level of service and customer care and would use them again in the future.”

- Principal Officer, Trading Standards Office


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